KARMA DHARAA, located in Mumbai, has been formed to help people living overseas and others who are unable to do so themselves, in feeding Cows, Birds, Making offerings to the sea, Serving and Feeding the underprivileged, etc. For a nominal charge, the offerings are made on your behalf, and if desired a short video is sent to you on Whatsapp.

Dr. Neelam Goyel is a qualified pediatrician from Mumbai, who has been working as an honorary for over 30 years medically serving children and individuals with Intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, autism, epilepsy, etc.



The Cow in Hinduism is a symbol  of Earth and it is acknowledged as mother of all animals.

It is said that ALL THE GODS AND GODDESSES reside in the cow’s soul and worshipping a Cow daily is equal to worship of 33 crores Hindu GODS. Hence,there are various remedies related to Cows that can help us in overcoming many astrological issues and can change the Malefic and adverse effects of unfavourable planets in the horoscope.

In Hinduism, Cows are believed to be sacred and deeply respected.

Hindus rely heavily on Cows for dairy products, for tilling fields, and for dung as a source of fuel and fertiliser.
So, Cows are seen as a caretaker, or a maternal figure.


Feeding birds is not only a way of helping them,but also helping ourselves. Benefits extend to the family members as well,as believed in astrology.

Birds are smallest creatures that too have a great importance in Hinduism.

It is advised to feed food and water to birds for a noble cause. Other than this, feeding millets and grains to birds is beneficial in getting rid of problems related to concentration, career, education and children. Keeping food and water on the terrace of your home open doors to prosperity by eliminating conflicts.


Donation is one of the ways to improve negative effects of planets.

Giving donations is a social goal and also has an astrological significance. Along with donation to the poor, and Educational Institutions, donation can also be given to Crow, Cat, Dog, Bull, Cow etc


Surya (a.k.a Ravi) - Sun

Chandra - Moon

Mangal - Mars

Budh - Mercury

Guru - Jupiter

Shukra - Venus

Shani - Saturn

Rahu-Lunar ascending node

Ketu-Lunar descending node

List of offerings to the COW for unfavourable planets in the horoscope

SUNDAY: Unfavourable – SUN Feed Cow Wheat
MONDAY: Moon – white rice,Feed water daily
TUESDAY: Mars – Red Lentil, channa + jaggery
WEDNESDAY: Mercury – mung beans, grass, leafy green vegetables
THURSDAY: Jupiter – Soaked Channa dal and jaggery
FRIDAY: Venus – Lima beans(val)on Friday , feed the cow daily
SATURDAY: Saturn – sesame seeds,black urad, ghee chapatti
Unfavourable Ketu – wheat dough with sesame seeds
Rahu Maha Dasha – soaked black dal to black Cow every evening

All these remedies reduce the ill effects of Malefic Planets

Bird Feeding

– CROW is the vehicle of SATURN

– CROW feeding during Shraddh pleases ancestors

– CROWS are fed to express gratitude

– Feeding Crows pleases Shani


Sunday….feed birds bajra, Jowar ( pearl millet),cooked rice or raw rice.

Saturdays. …To improve Saturn….feed birds chappati with mustard oil on Saturdays, Amavas and number 8 days….as crow is the vehicle of Saturn(Shani).

For debilitated Moon….feed crows and birds water daily.

Debilitated Mercury..(BUDH)……feed pigeons, sparrows, crows …green lentils.

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